New Level

It’s been a whirlwind of craziness but I have officially graduated from university! Through all these years pushing and stressing to be done and now that it’s over I don’t even know what to do with myself aha. Okay I’m kidding, it’s time to make this shmoney but I mean usually I’m on break prepping for summer school or the fall semester but that’s not gonna happen… For now.

God tested me through many trials and tribulations and I thought about giving up many times. But all in all life will always have its ups and downs; if you can gather your strength to push on, do so. Don’t let the devil win, EVER!

I have so many things to do now but I am extremely happy and excited for the many goals I have to complete.

It’s funny my dad said to me that now that I’m done school he’s okay to hear about me dating now lol. But really and truly, I’ve kinda used school as an excuse to not date for a while now… And many other reasons that don’t need to be discussed right now aha. But dating just seems so exhausting. I want someone and something serious and the generation I’m apart of plays too much games. Why are we trying to figure out who cares the least?! If you like me and I like you then what’s the issue !!!

*woosah* anyways. My toes are starting to tingle aha. I pray everyone has a blessed day. Positive vibes only! God bless 


get ready.

how crazy is it that after yeeeeears and yeeeeears of dealing with stress with money, assignments, prof’s, family, friendships and relationships I am finally graduating from university!

I got my grad tickets today and it really dawned on me… God has brought me through all the nonsense that I didn’t think I could have made it through. Even when I gave up He put me back on track and gave me the strength to carry it through. I am eternally grateful.

I don’t wanna be an adult.

When I was little all I wanted was to be a grownup. I didn’t wanna listen to my parents sometimes and the only thing I felt they had over me was “my house, my rules”.

I wanna eat a caramilk cake to myself.

I wanna run around in large tees and my boxers blaring soca.

I wanna get a Pomeranian chihuahua.

All things that I can only do in my own place and my own dime. Now hold up. Now that I’m older and I am considered an adult I want to be a kid again. These responsibilities are overwhelming and I feel jipped (I think that’s how you spell it).

Why do I know how to calculate the hypotenuse of a triangle but do not understand mortgages? The school system has failed me yet again. I’m learning about all these things I will actually need in life not through all my years of school, but through experience and trials.

I already feel the financial and emotional burdens and I don’t even have my own place as yet and realistically I don’t plan on having my own place for a while. Do you know how expensive it is to live? Why didn’t know one explain this to me when I was constantly asking for lunch money and field trip money? My parents made sure I never went without the basic necessities and had an enjoyable childhood and I love you guys both forever for it (I doubt they will ever see this but it’s the thought that counts)

I just want my childhood back. I want my youth back. You can take all the stress, heartache, and long nights. Bring back scheduled nap time, free McDonald’s, and my unibrow. Bring back the days I could fall asleep in the car and someone would carry me right to my bed. God. Oh, please.


summer school is literaly flashing before my eyes!

Next week is my class midterm, we have our group assignment and we have already been assigned our final project. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa there. but I’m happy it’s almost over. This class is great, I love it but I want to enjoy my summer without having to think about school.

who am I kidding though, I have another class that starts right after this one so I won’t be free until July. puppa ….

currently in pain from this week’s workouts and I have gain 10 lbs… supposedly that’s all muscle but I’m not sure about that lol. my eating habits are a work in progress. I think once I finally stop eating cookies and milk before bed I will be able to conquer anything ^_^

hope everyone enjoys their long weekend.

God Bless xox.

first week

how was my first week back at school? a sucker punch to the left titty.

Realistically there is no winning with prepping to go back to school in my eyes. Way back in September I walked into school saying I’m just gonna not talk to anyone, sit at the front of class and hand in everything on time. Focus! But then my profs love group projects… *gags*. I guess it makes sense that in Public Relations we have to get used to working together but like why sooo many group projects?! Can we chill? This also meant that I needed to talk to people in school and since all of my friends I made in first year graduated I’m doomed.. or so I thought. In a nutshell I made some bomb friends and I hope I have them in all my classes that have group projects because I have hit my school friends quota for this institution and they make me happy lol.

Fast forwarding to Winter semester and I have two exams this week, a bunch of assignments due every week, and I’m hunting for a book that is well overpriced. Take me back to highschool when it costed $60 per year for school and the books were provided, on SparkNotes or in the library at NO CHARGE. I really should be studying but I’m just not feeling it. My parents would smack me if they knew I wasn’t studying…(don’t smack me if/when you read this guys, love you) but I’m a G so I’ma go study in like… 3 minutes lol.

On the bright side of my life lately I got a new job!!!! *crip walks* *heel toes* *pelvic thrusts* *gets jiggy with it* *shimmies*

.. oh and did I mention this job is a million times LESS stressful than my last job? My old senior always told me that after I left I would find better, everyone is happier when they leave my old workplace and LOOK AT GOD. I’m happy as heck. I actually have time to see my friends and my family and not wanna smack everyone in sight. Its wonderful. This is definitely helping with my “road to being positive all the time” though there have been some hiccups on this very long ride.

shoutout to the folks who are actually happy all the time and can see the positive in every situation ALL. THE. TIME.

I try my best and then God puts something in front of me and I get flustered and after some negative thoughts I realize that that was a test and I failed, lawl. I need to keep my cool.

but anyways. I think I should start reading now, it’s getting late and I haven’t even cracked open my textbook LOL.

toodles and God bless xox.

it’s over !

the summers over and I feel the same way you do …”

yes I’m sad just like you are . Though the weather wasn’t as great as it’s been in the past I can say that I had an amazing summer ! I went on my first ever vacation, spent time with my family and friends, met new people , had so much great and bad things happened but it all just made this summer memorable in my eyes .

One thing I am extremely proud of is that I have finally recorded and edited my first vlog ! Yes I know I recorded a video a few months ago but I took it down because I couldn’t stand it smh but I promise this video is here to stay =) .

my YouTube channel is artisticallyDull and the link for the video is below:

woot woot ! so that was fun, I will definitely be recording more videos now that I’m getting more comfortable with Final Cut Pro and what not . Once school is underway there will be less vlogs on the road and just at home things when I get the chance though . 

anywho, I’ma go find out how I’m going to enjoy my second last day of freedom before it’s grind time .

God bless xox .

If God brings you to it, He will get you through it !

I have been having such on and off days as of lately and I didn’t know how much it was taking a toll on my emotions until yesterday .

As a Christian, you’re encouraged to put your faith in God . Now I do(so I thought) but I still will go about getting things done on my own . I’m so used to getting things done myself and things going my way and it’s really hard for me to constantly rely on people . But lately it has been extremely hard to do things on my own or even get help from someone else . Either people can’t help me or they think they can and they make matters worse .  An incident happened after driving home from a night out with some friends and when I woke up livid the next morning all my mom could tell me was “Keep your faith in Him” . Now I was pissed . Like .. Girl What ?

*pause* Obviously I didn’t actually say “Girl what?” to my mom but I was thinking it.. alright yeah .


Keeping faith. It is oh so hard . But I also feel like it may be because I have not been in my Word as much as I should . . I mean I read more than I have in a long time but still. . I could do better . But I’ll say this now and then in a few days I’m down in the dumps and ready to curl into a ball forever . I just really want to pause everything in my life . All my bills, school, and anything else that stresses me out and just put a stop until I’m ready . What is actually HILARIOUS is that I thought that men were one of my big factors of stress , yet with no man in my life or potentials I still feel the greys coming in ? LORD WHY =( *takes deep breath*

Keeping FAITH. I know I’m not the only person going through something like this . I feel like this is a cruel joke man , but even through it all I have that small butterfly feeling that God is going to come and make it okay . Honestly I have no other choice but to believe . I always say I’m going to go off the radar for a bit but my social butterfly side can’t stay off Twitter and Instagram =’) lol smh .

btw, check my twittaaaa @shhhnry and my Instagrizaam @OHReefaaa *pelvic thrust*

quick side note before I finally doze off . I worked my first PR volunteer gig at the 91st Royal Agriculture Winter Fair .. quite interesting . I’ll be posting about that this week .

much love and blessings .