breathe for a second.

self assurance. know your worth. take your time. you’re amazing. 

appreciate what you have, work for what you want. pray for guidance, strength, and patience. 

Lord I feel like I’m constantly trying to get things on my own without asking for your help or approval which is probably why they aren’t going my way. aha good one, I’m learning I swear.

pray for me.


oh hey .

I’ve been back from vacation for two days and now I’m prepping for my second American adventure of the summer and I’m pretty excited ! The only downside of this trip is that I’m driving rather than flying but hey, no turbulence *pelvic thrusts* LOL. Anywho, I need to eat something cause I’m staaaarved (as always).

Toodles and God bless !

It’s Time

So today is the day I leave … *pelvic thrust* *shimmies* *gets jiggy* *logs on* *logs off*

Can you tell this is my first vacation ever ? ha . well I will be gone for a bit and I’m extremely excited to be going . Taking a break from everything here at home and having a bit of me time sounds glorious ! I’m so glad God has let this all happen because I know there was a few moments in time where this trip could have not happened for me .


I am terrified of going on this plane though … I’m tryna stay up long enough so I can sleep through the whole ride but … I’m  hungry and I know when the itis kicks in I’m gonna knockout =( . pray for me guys !


much love and God bless