Dear Lipton…

Values, Passions, and Strengths

Even as a “blogger” it seems difficult to talk about yourself sometimes. I mean someone will ask you, “Tell me about yourself?” but do they really want to know? How much information do they want to know? Doing the collages helped me to realized there are a lot of things that I can list for my Values, Passions, and Strengths that I couldn’t even fit there.

I am the beam of light that’s goal is to bring light in every life she comes in contact with.

That’s really the most I could come up with. I remember listening to other peoples’ sentences in class thinking, “Mine isn’t good enough.” That’s usually what I say about a lot of things I do, hence the name of my blog/vlog is artisticallyDull. I find my style and my thinking to be quite simple and my interpretation of things isn’t “out of the box” like most people and sometimes that makes me feel inferior and insecure. With my writing and videos my goal is to work on that and become content with myself, loving myself. But I’m getting sidetracked here.

The way I was raised and the experiences I have gone through in life have taught me to always try your best to be positive. Things will not always go your way but there is a reason why God had things pan out the way they did/do. While doing that you must pass on that goodness to others because a little good can go a long way in some cases. A simple hello or smile can make someone’s day… I know it has made mine sometimes. Of course I’m not perfect though.


Values. I don’t ask for much in this world. I’ve been blessed with an amazing family, great friends, and a pretty good life. After making my collage I’ve realized that all my values connect in someway. My family has been my backbone my whole life. I have two amazing parents, five sisters, and a brother so from having all those people in my life I have learned to value having a lot of people around me. Lots of people of my generation seem to love being on they’re own or alone but I am completely opposite. I love the noisiness in my house from my sisters playing and listening to music. I love when family members come to visit because when we are all together we always have a good time. Even at my uncle’s viewings and funeral, there was warmth all over. Anyone who was crying or sad was never left alone; there was always at least one person to comfort them. The thought of loneliness makes me feel uneasy but when I’m with my family I never feel that way.

I think that has helped me with choosing my friends as well. I treat my friends like they were my family and how I would like to be treated because I was raised knowing that that is the right thing to do. I only have a picture of one of my best friends because the pictures of my other friends are either too embarrassing or not on my computer (which sucks). Sheraine (top left photo), Royston, and Shane are the three main people I talk to on a daily basis and I truly believe they are God sent. Through every issue or celebration in my life they are the first people I get the urge to tell (after my family, of course). Our friendships are not perfect but they are honest and help me to be a better me. To make things better my mom loves them as their own and once mommy gives that stamp of approval they are stuck for life.

My quote from Proverbs 31 in the Bible is something that means a lot to me in regards to where I want to be, spiritually. Being a loving wife, great woman and mother, and a lover of Christ is someone I hope to become and I feel that I’m growing closer to being that woman everyday. My family raised me in the church but when I was 19 I decided to get baptized because I felt I truly understood my faith. Then everything else basically meshes together. Love, health, and happiness are important things in my life and the pictures in my collage bring all of those things to light.


Passions. Now I love a lot of things but there are a few things that I actually classify as a passion. Chocolate is number one, forever. I love all kinds of chocolates, fudges, cookies, brownies, etc. I can have chocolate no matter the time of day and it brightens my mood. Some people may call it an addiction but I just think I’m very passionate! Music is another passion of mine. It helps me to keep calm or be productive.

Fun fact: I seem to get more chores done when I have music playing than without.

It doesn’t matter the genre either, except for screamo… that music scares me. My favourite artist is J. Cole and my favourite genre is soca. Though I am of Jamaican heritage I love soca so much and all my family and Jamaican friends don’t understand it, which is fine with me. I’m all about having a good time and enjoying life while I’m here; soca puts me in the mood to do just that. J. Cole helps to paint a story and help me know that I’m not alone. He gives me hope that there are still some good rappers left in this generation. It’s not just about the music but it’s how you act as a whole and influence your audience.

A new passion of mine has become my vlog. Getting my feelings out not through just writing but speaking so people can understand my sincerity and read my body language. Once I got over my fear of being judged by people on the Internet I grew to love speaking my mind and now I am trying to perfect my video editing skills. This is a primary example of what beauty can show when I actually step out of my comfort zone.


Strengths. Was much harder to think of… it was so hard that I had to ask my sister for some suggestions. It’s easier to say nice things about someone else rather than yourself and I must say I was shocked at some of her suggestions. For example she said I’m caring because I take care of my siblings when they’re sick but I just see that as my duty as a sister. I posses these strengths because to be an overall good person, the things I do show that. It’s good to hear compliments like this from someone that you love, makes you feel appreciated and loved.

Class & Comparative Youth Culture  

Before reading this article reading this question I was ready to answer saying, “I speak well”…most of the time. When I’m at school, work, or somewhere in a professional setting I know how to articulate my words properly and hold a decent conversation. I don’t think that I speak “ghetto” or “improper” but I use slang when I’m with my friends sometimes, which to me is normal. I wasn’t always like this though. Before I got my first job I spoke mostly in slang because I didn’t have much responsibilities other than going to class and all my friends spoke the same way. I truly believe in the saying that the people around you influence you. Using terms like “waste”, “ting”, “deezed”, and “murked” were just a few to name and our teachers would always tell us to break that habit for later on in life but when we used them they didn’t seem like slang, just everyday words. As quoted from the article, “… People create from the grammatical resources of a language like English (and, sometimes, simultaneously from other languages as well), quite specific sublanguages…” (3) so slang terms like bucket, waste, and many others are regular everyday words but we use them for different meanings; which every generation does. After hearing that my mom used to use the word “armshouse” I knew that this was just a phase that we all go through and for some people it lasts longer than others. My mom is a well spoken student counselor but when she’s home with me or our family she loosens up her vocabulary and speaks “improper” as the article seems to be telling me.

Once I got my job at 16 years old, I realized that I did speak using a lot of slang. I wasn’t penalized for how I talked but eventually just by how customers would receive me at the counter I realized that there is a time and place for everything. My friends always thought it was cool that my bosses let me talk to them how I talk to my friends (as long as I was respectful) but the article draws up a good point “… hierarchy is flattened (there are no “bosses” and “workers”, only “partners”); the business becomes a network of interacting units (a distributed system)”(13) My employer didn’t want me to see them as someone I have to change my persona for, so their answer to that was to connect with me on a “partner” or “friendship” level. That helped me in a way with my employer at the time but it I believe there should always be a sense of knowing who the superior is in a sense. Your boss can get along with you but they don’t need to be your friend, that’s when things get tricky… but that’s off topic. My employers did take the time to learn from me though as much as I learned from them. Since I became the youngest supervisor at my location they used to ask me to do interviews and train the younger staff that were close to my age because I could relate to them while showing them their duties.

I would always classify myself as someone of the middle class only because to my knowledge anyone under that was “broke” or poor. But after our discussion in class, I am living under the line of poverty and financially I would be considered the working class. I would take offense to that but luckily this article does a good job with its interviews and explanations. It seems that I also speak like someone from the working class as well.

“…The upper middle class teens use a distinctive social language strategically to distance themselves from everyday social interaction, to mediate what they say through their relationship to (and fears about) achievement and success, and sometimes to cloak or defer their material interests with abstract arguments”(37)

I’m the type of person that will share my life but nit the ins and outs with you unless I feel comfortable. Most of the time when I’m asked about my future I will tell you I’m not sure because I really am not sure. A lot of people are blessed to be apart of the upper middle class and can aspire to want to go on lots of trips and spend lots of money but once I got my first job I realized I have to think realistically. I mean I would have loved to go to Harvard or to Europe to study for school but realistically I can’t afford that so I’ll say I plan on going to school locally and working to save and hopefully live my life like someone who is part of the upper middle class.

“Individuals are not defined by fixed essential qualities such as intelligence, culture, or skill; rather, they are (and must come to see themselves as) an ever changing “portfolio” of rearrange able skills acquired in their trajectory through “project space”—all the projects they have been involved with (Handy, 1994;Peters, 1992). You are your projects.”(13)

This quote from the article is definitely something I can agree with. I don’t need to be ashamed of someone I am or how I speak, we always evolve and once I got more responsibilities I began to accept that and mature. When I’m comfortable and with my friends I may still say, “what’s good?” or “where ya at?” but that doesn’t make me any less of a person than someone who uses “proper” language all the time. When you separate students by their different “classes” and constantly remind them of the different classes of our society depending on their strength mentally thy may never aspire to be more than that. You are more than your class, you are a human being that can learn and grow just like anyone else. I may be apart of the working class now but who knows, I could be one of the upper middle class one day if I work hard enough. But we can’t continue to classify and put children in these boxes because it stops their growth.

Works Cited

Gee, James Paul. “Teenagers In New Times: A New Literacy Studies Perspective.” Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 43.5 (2000): 412. Academic Search Premier. Web. 4 Jan. 2012.


When I think of all the games I have played growing up the person I share most of those memories with is my mommy. Before she had my younger sisters it was just she and I so we did everything together and she taught me everything. Having your mom as your best friend from a young age is pretty awesome. I always loved to play games so she would incorporate playing games into everything we did so I would comply. I remember watching a home video of me before a birthday party and she wanted me to take a nap but I didn’t want to so she had me play a game where I was a cashier until I fell asleep. From then I loved the idea of being a cashier and handling money (coincidence that was my first job). My mom would make up counting games for me to get tasks done like brushing my teeth and getting dressed and she bought me a place mat that had the alphabet so I could spell what we were eating at the table. Of course we played hide and seek, peek-a-boo, tag, doctor, and she would pretend to take my nose and I would fight her back for it

Sometime in elementary school my mom brought home a computer and she slowly taught me how to use it but she didn’t realize she was opening the doors to a whole new world for me. At first I didn’t do much but play solitaire, pinball, and minesweeper so she basically used it for her studies. But eventually at school all the kids were getting computers and telling me to go online and play with them and I felt left out. We went from playing cards to getting GameBoys and playing games on our computers like Math Circus and Barbie Online. My mom always says she thinks this is when she began to lose me to technology.

After that most of the games that I play even now are either online or on a phone. The hype doesn’t last for long but when it’s popular you can’t get me off of it. If I’m not mistaken this is when Habbo Hotel came out but my mom shut down that operation really quick when she found out there was grown men playing with children too. That was the main issue my mom and I would argue over. I felt that I was old enough to know not to go and meet random people online but she saw it as she can’t control who and what I see online so if she wasn’t home I wasn’t allowed online. Of course I would rebel because that’s just a phase I went through so my mom would evolve her discipline tactics until I gave up and she eventually started to trust me.

Now everything has an app. I play games like Sims, Heads Up, and Flappy Bird to pass time or just to stay entertained. My mom has to constantly tell me to get my head out of my phone or off my computer to spend time with my sisters. I mean we all play the games and sometimes we play together, but I guess you can say I’m addicted.

Who Am I?

What is my struggle you ask? I believe that my struggle is my faith in God. I feel that there is so much asked of me as a Christian and I’m pulled in all different directions what I’m not sure where to go.

Being raised in the church, Baptist to be specific, you’re asked to look a certain way, act a certain way, and spread the Word so others will follow. Everyone around me has been able to quote scripture without referencing the Bible and I always admired that but I always found the Bible to be boring. In Sunday school the teacher always would show us these Bibles with pictures and simplified terms to learn but ours at home were the regular ones. I felt torn, like I was letting God down by not being able to read his book, maybe even going to be punished for not reading it. I mean even now I read the complete Twilight series in a month’s time but I fall asleep once I start reading a verse and that bothers me. My mom tells me one day it will come to me and that reading the Bible would get easier, I just needed to give it time. At such a young age I didn’t want to hear that. I just stuck to listening to the sermons and waiting for my mom to break down the service during the car ride home. For years my mom followed suit of what I knew as the Christian way of living but we didn’t act like everyone in my church. She always taught me to love any and everyone, no matter who they were but in church people are ridiculed for being imperfect, which has never made any sense to me.

No one is perfect. My mom had me out of wedlock and that is something that the church frowns upon. At first she was judged but once they got to know my mom some of the people of the church accepted that. But when my mom got into a new relationship and had my sister Brianna things got awkward again. The same people that would invite us to church events and look after me when my mom needed a babysitter were the same ones gossiping about her, asking who the father was and why my sister has such lighter skin compared to me. In the Word, God loves everyone and accepts everyone for their flaws as long as they repent but the same people who preach it go against it.

 I was always taught that no sin is greater than another (I know there’s a verse in the Bible somewhere that says that, just can’t think of it at the moment). If you lie, cheat, or steal, it’s just as frowned upon as having sex before marriage; all you need to do is ask God for forgiveness. Why is it that the church does not stress that? I know people who refuse to step foot in church not because they don’t want to learn about God and give their life to Jesus Christ but because they’re afraid of being judged and frankly I don’ t blame them. I have friends who are young mothers and friends who are homosexual and I love them like everyone else because they are humans. I used to try to invite them with me to church but they didn’t want to feel awkward so they always declined my invitation. This kind of behavior is what got my immediate family and I to stop going to church. Many of members of my family didn’t and still don’t understand why and feel that I won’t get my fill of God if I don’t go but I don’t think so.

As of recently I have come to accept that being Christian is about my personal relationship with God. I pray everyday, ask for forgiveness when I feel that I have done something that doesn’t exemplify positivity, and read the Word when I can (I’m slacking but just give me time). Just because someone takes time out of their weekend to go to church and worship does not make them any better than someone who does the same thing in their home, though many people would argue this. That’s on them though, I am on a personal journey to ignore what other people have to say and doing what I think is right. There are many times that I am conflicted though.

When I first got baptized I felt that I needed to stop enjoying things that I used to because they don’t exemplify God, but why? Why does being a Christian have to be a “chore”? Why does your life suddenly become boring? I mean obviously there are certain things that we as Christians are not supposed to watch because it feeds into a spirit that you would not want grow in your heart (lust, anger, violence, etc.) I am someone who loves Hip Hop, R&B, Soca, and Rap, I know some music has some bad language but I think that if you know how to separate yourself from the music and just enjoy the rhythm, what’s the harm in that? Just because I listen to J. Cole does that make me a bad person? That doesn’t deter me from my faith and beliefs. Many of the artists I listen to are Christian as well so why would I not want to support another person of my faith.

Another struggle I have with my faith is having faith in God’s promises for His people. I don’t ask for much and I understand life is not always going to be happy but I always wonder why some people are born into blessings or are constantly blessed and I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and the people that God has placed in it but there are people I know that don’t have the same worries and stresses that I have. I feel that I’m faithful to God and of course I’m not perfect but I wish I could get some help, a little relief or a little break. Sometimes things happen in my life and for a split second I question His existence… But then I feel guilty about it because I know he is real and I accept my life.

Some days I’m ready to give up and think that the burden is just too much. Life can be like that sometimes. Like last year, three days before my 21st birthday I fractured my ankle and a week before that my family’s car was repossessed. If you remember last winter that was probably one of the worst winters ever with the ice storm and me being someone who usually drives everywhere having to commute on one foot everywhere was terrible. Even up to just recently, my family and I were evicted from our home and we had nowhere to go for two days (the scariest two days of my life I think) and a few weeks later one of my uncles passed away from his yearlong battle with Leukemia. Those kinds of situations can really mess up your outlook on life depending on how strong and determined you are mentally to keep going. I have cried many nights and questioned why God has put me through all of this… I haven’t gotten a straight answer but a part of me truly believes this is to build me up as an adult. I’m just waiting for the rest of me to believe the same.

My struggle may not seem like much to some people but it links to a lot of things in my life and it has impacted me heavily. I love God and I’m constantly growing as a Christian but I struggle with having blind faith in Him and ignoring other peoples’ opinions. “Walk by faith and not by sight” is a quote I saw when I first got baptized and I think I need to remind myself of that everyday.

Invisible Technology

When I got this assignment I was pretty lost at first. It’s funny how much technologies we take for granted in life. The dull in artistically dull came out as it usually does when I start an assignment for this class. But I thought okay fine, give myself some time to think about a topic and I can breeze through it… Then it hit me, time. We constantly take time for granted as if we last forever. I remember as a child I could not wait to grow up. Being the only child in my age bracket and constantly surrounded by adults can do that to you.

Being my mom’s mini me gave me a false sense of being a grown up. “Oh hey little Debbie!” would always boost up my confidence as if that gave me validation to do grown up things. I remember my mom would always tell me that I was not allowed to ride my bike across the street, only down the sidewalk and back to our driveway. I listened to my mom as always but sometimes my mom would just let me go outside on my own so I would push my boundaries because obviously I’m a big girl if Mom trusts me to ride my bike without supervision right? Every day I would go further away from my house until one day I got extremely brave and turned the corner. I felt like a true warrior! I made a new friend though, a man who was cutting mangoes in his driveway (now that I’m typing this I can see the danger in this decision… STRANGER DANGER) Just when you thought I added enough thrill to my life I decided to cross the street and ride back to my house on the opposite side of the road. Of course as soon as I tried crossing back over to my side of the street my uncle was pulling into the driveway yelling, “SHERICE WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?” After my mom found out, the first thing she said to me was, “Do you think you’re grown or something?” Well duh mom. I mean I can’t say that or I probably would not be here today to tell you this story but I thought it.

Being a grown up just seems so cool. I could not wait to grow up and do things on my own. I mean grown ups get to do anything they want without having to answer to anyone! Eating dessert before dinner, going out to parties without having to tell mommy or daddy, and they somehow have all this money to buy whatever they want. I have to wait for an allowance, which didn’t come until I was in middle school, eating dessert before dinner was like the ultimate no-no, and my parties could never go past 9pm or it was lights out for me. The idea of being a grown up seemed so enticing until I became one. Now I have tuition fees, job applications, bills, and a heap of responsibilities I did not know I was going to get.

We also take for granted the time that we have here on Earth and the people we share it with. When my uncle passed a few months ago it made me feel awful, I felt like I did not spend enough time with him while he was here physically. Just because we see the person once in a while or even everyday we take for granted that every moment that they are here on Earth is a time to celebrate. We knew he had cancer for a while but it was in remission and out of nowhere it started to flare up again. I can remember the day before he passed I was with my friend telling her how amazing and strong he is and that I was going to see him the next day, I was woken up around at 6AM by my grandma who then told me he had passed away.

Every moment that you spend upset at someone or every chance you don’t take to right a wrong with someone you are losing time to do so. When you take time for granted you may end up regretting it. I have people who I have had to let go in my life or have let me walk out of their life for what sometimes is miniscule reasons but is it worth it? Sometimes I sit and think if it is worth going back and rekindling and sometimes it is but my hard headedness usually stops me from being the bigger person, which is terrible.

Our time here on Earth is limited. My Uncle Renny was one man that made the best of his circumstances and cherished every moment he had. I’m slowly but surely learning to appreciate the beauty in the world we live in. I admire him so much because even as I was growing up he was always lively. Growing up he took me to the zoo, brought my aunt to all different places in the world, brought my sisters to Niagara Falls, and was a best friend to so many people in his life. I pray that I can get the courage to live just like him, I find myself stuck in a shell and am afraid to step out of my comfort zone to try and live life.

I try to remind myself of the lesson we had earlier this semester about taking away the negative voice in your head and just doing that you love but the negative voice can be so loud at times.

Time is an invisible technology because we feel that we have an unlimited amount of time here. We think death is a cursed subject but it’s inevitable for us. Everything must come to an end at some point. I think once we all start to live our lives appreciating this invisible technology we will all feel free, less stressed out, and positive.

My Life In Five

Wiki Play

My love and hate relationship with this darn Wiki page. I think that since I have poor time management skills I didn’t like it too much. I’m one person who is always on their phone but needs “pings” and notifications to stay up to date with things on my laptop or even my cellphone, yet I’m on it all day long.

 Another factor that I felt made me dislike using the wiki was that I felt there was not a lot of interaction and discussions happening. I have had to use Wiki for another class prior to this one and everyone used it. I guess because we all were in the same year and have known each other we had no problem answering questions or clarifying anything on the wiki but with this class the most comments and interaction I saw was under the introduction post. It’s like every year students seem to be more disinterested in getting to know new people and just sticking with who they know.

I can be an outgoing person, to an extent. I could have participated much more than I did but once I sent a reply to a post and it went unanswered I just curled back into my unsocial bubble. I also did not contribute as much as I should have to the wiki because I didn’t think people would answer so I just ended up assuming answers or messaging people I did know from class. That probably is not the best idea but it seemed to make sense during the semester.

Why is it that when you post something on the Wiki there is no way to tell if someone has replied unless you log onto the page, scroll through to your post, and keep refreshing your page? I think that is extremely annoying. If there were a way for the site to use your email and send a notification when someone replies I think interaction would be much better. I was reading the Wiki just scrolling through different posts and pages and maybe that is the reason why I believed the class was so anti-social. It isn’t that my classmates are anti-social; it is that no one knew that people were actually replying to them. In a time like today’s society where were are always on-the-go and life seems to know how to constantly keep us busy, how are we supposed to properly use sites like this? Our attention is demanded from so many aspects of our lives that it is difficult to keep track, hence my lack of participation.

I will say that I am proud that I posted more than one comment on the Wiki and updated my profile in hopes that people in the class will be more interactive and want to check out my pages/blog/vlog, etc. Obviously life does not always go how you want it to but that is quite all right.

Enough about telling you how much issues or negative comments I have about our class’ use of the Wiki, it was not all bad!

Thank you for venturing away from using the CourseLink page. Everything about this class has been unique to my university experience so this adds the cherry on top of it all. It is always good to try something new (as you have been teaching us through this term) and branching away from checking our boring school site is a great start (sorry GH).

I wish I understood the course a bit more or at least tried to so that I could participate more. I wanted to contribute by posting links and cool videos but I felt that dark voice saying, “no that has nothing to do with the course.” “No one will respond” “Mark is probably going to ask where you think this fits into the curriculum” Everyday is just a constant battle with my thoughts and in regards to the Wiki, my thoughts won.

To sum this all up, as I said before there was a love/hate relationship going on with the wiki.


Being an avid social media user you would think the word folksonomy would be in my everyday vocabulary? Not until this class. I had no clue there was a term to name the use of hashtags to be honest. But there are tons of sites that I have been using that use hashtags such as Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress and I haven’t really used them to the extent that they can be used.

Since I started blogging a few years ago on Blogger in order for people to read my posts all I would do was promote my link on my different social media sites and tell my friends about it. Once I found out about Word Press everything changed. I can still promote my posts manually but then I was introduced to hashtags. From what I was told if I use popular or more frequently used hashtags that more people will see my posts and I’ll be able to broaden the reach of my posts. This has not only helped me with making my audience bigger but it has helped me to connect with writers who have the same interests as me.

With Twitter the use of hashtags helps me to keep up with trending topics that I am actually interested in and join in on interesting conversations. Topics like #BlackLivesMatter bring so many people together and keep you updated on what’s going on while it is happening which I find very cool.

 Instagram is all about hashtags. When I first started using Instagram I tagged everything in my photo, yes I was that kind of user. #OOTD #Bestfriends #School #Family #Summer. I. Was. Annoying! I did it because everyone who used the most popular hashtags had tons of followers and I mean… what’s an Instagram account with no followers? I have stopped with the excessive hashtags and only use hashtags that I find are necessary which is to tag the filter app I use, which helps be get a few likes. The idea of hashtags making it easier to find people with similar interests and lifestyles as you is interesting.

The one downside I notice with hashtags are people who see popular hashtags and use it even when it does not apply to them just so people will see their tweet, picture, video, etc. For example, during the Olympics I searched the #SummerOlympics to catch highlights on the Vine app and there were people using it to promote themselves and get more views. There is an odd chance that the video is appealing but most of the time I get annoyed. People take advantage and discourage people like me from searching hashtags because they might not find something pertaining to the subject but instead someone craving attention.

@Sherice from Vine

Since I have already used these apps for years I decided I should try something new for this project so I made a Pinterest since that is one thing I do not think I have tried yet. Maybe it is because it is new to me and I need to get used to it but at this point I am extremely lost. My sister has been trying to explain how it works to me and right now it looks no different than Instagram or Tumblr but I am being told otherwise




As with all the assignments I get from this class the first question I ask myself is, “what the heck am I going to do?” Searching intertextuality was the easy part, making it was difficult… or so I thought.

For one of my group assignments called I was asked to make a parody video of an Everest commercial to help promote our site and it fits perfectly. I find the whole idea of intertextuality to be great.

When I Googled the term I got a bunch of different ideas but looking at the Wiki I got the suggestion of looking at the movie Shrek which got me confused but the whole movie is intertextuality. In my eyes intertextuality is basically another way to say parody. You can put a spin on something or remake something in a different light or setting. Shows like the Simpson’s, Family Guy, Futurama, etc. love to include intertextuality in their episodes, which is cute and brings people together.

After playing the commercials over and over I wish I had recorded my video differently and added different edits so my commercial looked more like the Everest College one. The one with the guy standing outside would have been easy but one, it’s cold outside, two, it’s cold outside, and three I am a girl and I think the ghetto girl look was good.

Remix & Mashup.. attempt

I am just going to let you know right now that this was a fail for me. I took the advice from someone on the wiki and tried to make a remix for this assignment and it turned out terribly. I know now that I definitely am not meant to be a DJ.

Opening it up was no big deal, but then I checked out the music selection and tried to put two together and it just went south. Growing up having a family member who DJs and having a few DJ friends you would think that would help me in someway right? Not exactly. One thing I remember is it is essential to match the BPM (beats per minute) of both songs to have them mesh perfectly so that is what I attempted to do.

Unfortunately when I finished my first attempt at mixing it would not save unless I had a Facebook account… annoying. I do not have Facebook and I will not be getting one anytime soon so that was a bust. I do not understand that concept that one has to have a Facebook account to save a mix, what if I do not want it on my Facebook? I just want the mp4 file? Why must Party Cloud try to run my life?

Instead of tapping out and crying about how unfair everything is I decided to improvise and record the process of me trying to make a remix. Sorry in advance, I am a beginner to hold your negativity.

After the second switch I started to warm up to liking it, kind of. I feel that I would have enjoyed a different selection of music than what this website had. Most of the song names were familiar but I guess for copyright reasons they had to make their own remixes of the songs so each song was like opening up a Kinder Surprise.

I love the idea of DJing. Watching my favourite DJs mix some of my favourite songs together in ways that I never thought they could is exciting. When I was younger my uncle let mu cousin and I go into his basement and mess around with his DJ equipment; I was terrible. I knew what I wanted to mix together but I was not patient enough to mix the tempos and wait for the right moment. I guess you can say I still do not have the patience for it.

I can definitely appreciate a good mix though. When you brought up Girl Talk during one of our lectures my heart got so happy! I love listening to Girl Talk mashups, different SoundCloud accounts, and to different versions of my favourite tracks. Maybe one day I will take the time to sit and learn to DJ my own songs rather than paying people to play at my events but for now I will still to going to house parties with my DJ friends to scream at the top of my lungs.


I think that this can be my cute tribute to you. I was not sure what exactly I should use for this assignment because the dull in artistically dull always loves to come out. Since you are the man of the semester I dedicate this to you.


The letters to make up your name were taken from dog magazines because I know how much you love your children, especially Lotto Max (unfortunately I do not remember your other dog’s name)


My Last Words…

Have you not had enough! There has been so much writing in this class I cannot even imagine how you are going to get through all of this writing but here it goes.

Grade this course: 85%

Of course you know I can’t give you 100%, that would come off as sucking up and that’s not what I’m trying to do. I have to give you that grade because I enjoyed the class but there are some things that I could not adapt to. When you told us how many assignments we were going to have on the first day of class my heart stopped. This semester started off rough for me due to personal issues and this semester’s workload did not help much. Of course it is understandable that life is not going to slow down for you just because you are going through traumatic experiences but I just was not expecting that at all. This class was supposed to help us with our time management skills and I definitely failed that… hence why my assignments are late. Oh and the deadlines, or lack thereof deadlines was another one for me. I love that you want to treat us like adults and trust us to finish on time but when you became lenient with the deadlines I started to put the assignments for this class on the backburner. Being an adult with a job and two other classes to juggle, the moment you find that one of your classes is not demanding as much of your attention as another you begin to stress less over it.

I’m not sure the context you want this letter to be written in but you always want us to challenge you so I’m going to do what I want and pray that this is all right.

Did I mention there was a lot of reading this semester as well? I am going be completely honest and admit that I did not read all of them and some of what I did read I skimmed through… This has nothing to do with you as a professor it is I. I am terrible with doing readings for lectures. This semester is one of the first times I have done reading since my first year and that was because one of my classes had weekly tests on the readings which took up a big part of my mark. I did find the readings I did see to be quite interesting.

The introduction to our course syllabus was lengthy but well written. You are a great writer, well a great person in general but we are talking about your writing right now. The syllabus itself was very straightforward with what you expected from us, I had no complaints about instructions. The only thing that needed to be clarified was the assignments themselves that I believe is a smart idea because it encourages students to come to class. If everything was available online I think the class attendance would be a much smaller number than it was.

Our first half of assignments was not bad. I liked that this class helped with waking up my creative side that I usually post on my blog. The assignments also got me to think about what is important in my life. All my time here at Guelph Humber I don’t think I have had a professor give us an assignment where we needed to think about our lives in an in depth light. For example, our Values, Passions, and Strengths assignment took longer than I thought it would. You know when you procrastinate to do something because you think in your head that you have it all figured out? Yeah, that was my mentality while completing not just assignment one but up to assignment four as well. I mean I did not have a lot of space to work with to begin with and to capture a decent moment of what is important to me was difficult. The true test for me was writing the reflections for them afterwards. Mark, you have gotten to know me in way that no professor has tried and I appreciate that. You gave us the freedom to express ourselves however we feel is comfortable and respected every word and idea.

One thing I think everyone can take from the class I that you taught us new terminologies that we use almost everyday. Folksonomy and Bricolage to be specific for me are words that I learned from this class but was familiar with their meanings because of the generation I am from. Technology advances so quickly that I never thought to think that there was a name for the use of hashtags or making a masterpiece out of already made objects.

My favourite assignment has to be a tie between the Invisible Technology and my Five Shot Film. Both of the assignments’ mean the same thing to me. They are about two aspects of my life that I take for granted, time and my loved ones. Being able to display the people and activities that mean the world to me is always a good time and the time I have with them is something I think many people take for granted.

This class has inspired me to go out and get what I want, to . I am truly grateful that I got to experience this class and meet such an amazing person, thank you Mark 

To end this off I just want to know…



  1. 85 2. 90 3. 90 4. 70 5. 83 6. 65 7. 69 8. 70 9. 75 10. N/A 11. 55 12. 95 13. 90 14. 90 15. 60 16. 72 17. 80 18. 92 19. 85 20. 100 (I haven’t had to meet with you but whenever I have a question or concern you’re there) 21. 85 22. 80 23. 87 24. 90 25. 100 26. 100 (inside and out) 27. 101 28. 82


I was away for 0 classes. I was late for 12. I was spaced out for 2.


  1. 75 33. 70 34. 40 35. 80 36. 60 37. 55 38. 80 39. 80 40. 80 41. 80 42. 88 43. 80 44. 90 45. 60 46. 60 47. ? 48. 87 49. 76 50. 92

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