how do you get of the never ending sinking feeling in your stomach?

how do you constantly practice the positive lifestyle that you preach onto your loved ones? even when you’re not up to it at all.

is it bad that I sometimes question if God is still looking out for me in some aspects of life? maybe He’s trying to give me a sign? that I need to look to Him more? that I’ve lost my way once again?

literally just stuck between lost in the sauce, feeling empty, and annoyed with my life decisions…

or Maybe my period is back again early lol… Idk. #GirlProbs?


2 thoughts on “questions…

  1. I totally see where you are coming from. How can anyone NOT question whether God is still there or not when they are going through things. But you always have to remember every hardship has a great lesson to it. God uses our lives to teach us lessons. Our textbook is his word (the bible) and our exam is living. We study the stories in the bible to get through our hardships today. Idk if this helps but haha hopefully it did

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