I just finished work… Lazy Sunday can’t really complain. But today in Ontario, there was an Amber alert issued for a child that was kidnapped from a flea market. How sad is that right? So I’m seeing it all over my Twitter and hearing it on the news but then the TVs at my work all switch to this alert and kept playing for basically the whole day. I found it a bit annoying but also understood that it’s necessary to have the alert showing just in case. 

Close to the end of my shift this guy comes up to me and says “There’s this annoying alert on the TV and it’s been going for over an hour now” I said okay I understand your frustration but it’s head office that controls that and it’s a pretty serious message. This loser has the nerve to tell me.. “It’s been over an hour the baby is dead already forget it.” 

Maybe I’m over exaggerating but I have never been so disappointed in humanity in my life… Actually I have but this just sticks out to me. I wasn’t gonna write about it but I’m finally on my way home and the radio said they have found the child unharmed so THERES THAT JERK. Though I’m not a parent I am a sister and my siblings mean the world to me. Hearing that a three month old child was kidnapped gives me chills and I can’t even imagine how the parents felt going through that but I am so happy that the baby was found safe.
Anywho… Happy Sunday y’all. School is almost overrrrrrrrrr
God bless xox