stress… I am stressed the heck out and when I put things into perspective there is no reason to be stressed. Stress will not get the job done. Stress only give me pimples, anxiety, and makes me forget things. Stress is the work of the devil, I swear smh, yet here I am stressing.

Last year of university and I’m taking it one day at a time but every day I procrastinate on this 20 page essay that I have due. holy smokes smh. I originally made a fool proof plan on how I would finish the essay but of course I love to procrastinate so that wont be happening….

I haven’t been keeping up with my writing or editing but I’m waiting at school to do some work so I thought I might as well catch up on my writing (see I could be working on my essay but … nah) and I am sitting beside the loudest group of people in the world… I hate inconsiderate people. People are here to work in the computer lab and you’re gwanin like ah ediot and gigigling like a child … mmmmohmygosh. .

whatever I think they’re leaving soon… Lord give me patience.  yes okkay I’m alone.

today is my grandmas  birthday and I am stuck working tonight. ghaaaaaaaaaay. I wanted to take her to red lobster since its supposedly her favourite restaurant (according to my grandpa) but that will have to wait until the weekend.

side bar I got a job interview this weekend… prayers up. I would like something that pays a bit more since my job has become more of a hassle and a strain on my bank.

I am stillllllll waiting. oh I am waiting to download my Twitter archive to see my tweets from like… the beginning of time. crazy right? yeah. I can’t wait to see the nonsense I used to tweet when I cursed like a sailor and was in highschool lol. Being a young adult going into Public Relations I would hate for someone to find a tweet from when I was sixteen talking about all my highschool drama. wait I don’t think I tweeted about that but it is always good to make sure.

do people still read this blog anymore? probably not. inconsistency pushes people away, heck it pushes me away. I keep saying that I am waiting for life to chill out and I can get a grip on things but I am learning that life does not stop. life does not “chill”. you learn to adapt and keep moving through it.

I want to start reading more. I want to connect with myself more. I want to get closer to God. that’s a huge thing for me. I want to better my relationship with him and eventually have someone in my life to share that with who understands. In time I guess..

so it looks like I’ll never get my Twitter archive. I’ve been sitting here for an hour. I guess I should go and get something else done with my day before I go to work.

stay blessed xox.