its days like this…

so today has been a pretty normal day… Minus the fact that I woke up with a sore throat and cramps -___-

Some days I forget that my grandma owns her car and she has a life so there will be times where she can’t let me use her car to go be ratchet with my homies ( okay not literally but… Okay ). So I did have some things to do today, going to the gym finally was one of them. So thank God I got to do that even though it was short and I got to see my mommy and little sisters which is always a blessing. 

Now I have my home girl’s dinner to go to and grandma says she’s going to visit her sister… Great. So now I gotta plan about 2 hours ahead to get to this dinner because #TransitLife. 

I got some food in my system because I didn’t eat and I’m way out of budget for spending money on food for this paycheck. I left my house a bit too early for the bus so I went back inside for a second to get a pen… I came back and was still early for the bus but it left early and zoomed of without me. 

Now I’m vex. I know I gotta roll with the punches but walking to the terminal was not in today’s plans..

SIDENOTE: gyal dem can’t find their iPods so gyal dem gotta use their phone for music but gyal dems battery life is garbage so life hawd for di gyal dem Ahlie?

Anyways so I’m walking to the terminal because I don’t have much time to catch my next bus. I’m breaking a sweat (thank God I don’t wear makeup on a consistent basis because I would look like melting molasses). I get to the terminal and my bus is there waiting for me, AINT GOD GOOD?! *praise breaks despite my rude cramps*. I have also been told that I need to smile more before I get frown lines so I was just minding my business and this older man hands me a transfer because he got two $AVING$!!

Now I’m en route and I’m content. I always tell myself that if I’m meant to go somewhere God will work it all out. It might not look like something good at the moment but we just have to be patient.

Just wanted to share that. No kind gesture goes unnoticed.

Enjoy your Sunday xox