currently working the morning shift. I can’t believe I’m up at 5AM for work. Can I get a pat on the back and a cookie for that? 

There’s not much to do so I’m getting some reading in. This is a perfect time to fit in some morning inspiration, right? I’m falling back with my daily bible readings so I guess for the next two weeks I can get back into my groove. 

You know when you feel empty? I’ve been feeling that feeling a lot lately. This pursuit of happiness is full of ups and downs. My biggest issue is finding happiness within myself and God rather than depending on people. Cause bwoy… People disappoint me everyday. But I can’t let that ruin my day and/or my spirit. People can’t have that kind of control over you. I slip up sometimes but no ones perfect. 

Have a great day. Stay positive. Spread love and God bless.


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