My Guardian Angel

It’s not fair that you’re a part of so many of my happy memories. Things I always enjoy bring tears to my eyes because there are bits of you in them. 

I pray that you and God are up in heaven watching down on the family. There’s so many things I wish we could do over. So many things I wish I had said. 

I keep saying that you’re missing memories but I’m trying to come to terms that you’re truly our guardian angel watching everything. 

You’re an amazing man. I have no bad things to say about you, honestly.

You took me in like blood when you met auntie Sharon, held my surprise grad party at your house, brought my sisters to Niagara Falls when you could, offered to help me find a place to stay in Tobago (which I never went smh), always threatened to beat the boys off (when you know darn well I don’t have no boys lol), and was always the positivity to my family.

It’s gotten a bit easier to cope with you not being here physically but I have my days. Keep your family strong. Remind us how happy we can be and that the dark days don’t last forever.

I love you, my guardian angel.