it’s over !

the summers over and I feel the same way you do …”

yes I’m sad just like you are . Though the weather wasn’t as great as it’s been in the past I can say that I had an amazing summer ! I went on my first ever vacation, spent time with my family and friends, met new people , had so much great and bad things happened but it all just made this summer memorable in my eyes .

One thing I am extremely proud of is that I have finally recorded and edited my first vlog ! Yes I know I recorded a video a few months ago but I took it down because I couldn’t stand it smh but I promise this video is here to stay =) .

my YouTube channel is artisticallyDull and the link for the video is below:

woot woot ! so that was fun, I will definitely be recording more videos now that I’m getting more comfortable with Final Cut Pro and what not . Once school is underway there will be less vlogs on the road and just at home things when I get the chance though . 

anywho, I’ma go find out how I’m going to enjoy my second last day of freedom before it’s grind time .

God bless xox .


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