“I Know that was you God, thanks !”

those times when you just don’t even know how to react to something .

like you know when you hear or read something your emotions changes like 12 times in a matters of minutes . laugh , scream , pause , get upset , sad , happy , relieved , and just confused all within minutes yo . 

things could always be worse but thinking about everything in a positive light, God protected me as always *shimmies* . I just need to really stick to listening to my intuition .

When I’m on a high (I mean a natural high folks) I tend to sometimes ignore that tiny voice in my head saying to chill because obviously I’m enjoying the moment which I need to stop doing . I keep saying that and then I force something that will bring me back here to posting this . ugh .

in other news, I’m sick . I guess I should use this time to finally edit and upload my vlog that I have been procrastinating on, right ? we’ll see if I can gather the patience to deal with it *sighs* .

God bless xox .


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