blurb .

I have a few people that are now considered write offs once I touch back on Canadian soil =) . Life is great!

God speed xox


It’s Time

So today is the day I leave … *pelvic thrust* *shimmies* *gets jiggy* *logs on* *logs off*

Can you tell this is my first vacation ever ? ha . well I will be gone for a bit and I’m extremely excited to be going . Taking a break from everything here at home and having a bit of me time sounds glorious ! I’m so glad God has let this all happen because I know there was a few moments in time where this trip could have not happened for me .


I am terrified of going on this plane though … I’m tryna stay up long enough so I can sleep through the whole ride but … I’m  hungry and I know when the itis kicks in I’m gonna knockout =( . pray for me guys !


much love and God bless

Think Like A Man Too

woooooo hey yaaaaa’ll!

so this past Wednesday I got the change to attend the pre screening of Think Like A Man Too in Toronto (yes I’m just that cool) and let me say, I loved it !! I loved it so much that I went to see it again last night for the actual debut with a few friends . I mean it wasn’t that serious but I realized I missed a few jokes the first time so I definitely got a few more laughs out of it . I’m glad it turned out good because at first after watching the first movie I didn’t think it needed a sequel, but it was great . I loveeee romantic comedies ^_^ .

but one the oddest thing happened when I was at the theatre last night … this couple brought their newborn baby …………

excuse me if I’m new but what the heck !? If you cant get a babysitter maybe that’s a sign that you should wait for another day or maybe when its out on DVD? I guess since I’m not a parent my opinion doesn’t mean much but being the eldest sibling who has watched my mom raise me and my sisters she has never done that lol . If someone can’t watch us when she went out (this is before I was old enough to babysit obviously) she would stay home … which just makes sense to me but hey, who am I right ?

anywho… I’m spending the weekend before my vacation with my dad , woot . I feel like I go for mini vacations when I come here, even though we live in the same city lol . Just a few more days and I’ll be on my ACTUAL VACATION wooooooooooo . I’m so excited lol . Well I’ma go find something to do around these parts … toodles !