opportunities can come from out of nowhere and I’m loving them. I don’t know if I have spoken about this on my blog but people who know me personally should know I tend to stress a lot when I think about my career and what I want to do when I get older. My mind is all over the place that I can’t see where I want to or will be but honestly … I’m just letting things happen and taking notes along the way . SO many changes have happened since my ankle injury, some great and some terrible but I’m living and happy so I can’t complain! But just for a mini update ….

I am now the Publicity Intern for Grindaholiks Ink !

*pelvic thrusts* *shimmies* *gets on bod* *praise breaks*

if you follow me on twitter (@shhhnry) you have probably already seen me tweet about the company a few times . don’t hesitate to check out the website and tell all your music industry friends about us at !

I’ve also created a YouTube channel ! I’m hoping to post a lot more and get more comfy in front of the camera very soon, my channel is artisticallyDull . shoot me any ideas for my YouTube or even this blog , greatly appreciated .

last but not least with all the changes happening in my life I would just like all of you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers, all positive vibes ! I have some changes in the works that I won’t get in specifics about but let’s just say I’m very excited lol .


now I’m really gone,

toodles xo.


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