on the road

happy sabbath .

This storm is long and hard to deal with . God is definitely testing me … Just when I thought I dealt with the worst of it all , God throws a curve ball and pushes me harder . And it’s come to the point where it’s not something I can even speak to my closest friends about . As much as I want to , it’s not doing much to help me … It just makes me more vulnerable . Trying to stay positive and keep going through the tough times . I’ve definitely met some amazing people these last few weeks though . I’ve been given the opportunity to intern at a music consulting firm which still blows my mind ! I kept saying to myself that I don’t have much experience doing much work in my career field and BAM BLAOW! God is working on all aspects of my life man . It’s crazy . I guess I’m learning to be okay with being uncomfortable because soon things won’t always be comfortable . Hard to explain but yeah …

Anywho , I’m out . This motion sickness is about to take over .

God bless xox .