Cut From A Different Cloth .

Since I’ve been on bed rest I have been taking the time to watch movies , read , and take naps .. and I love it ! This sabbath I decided to watch some movies that I’ve heard people rave about but just never got the chance to watch ; City of God, Sleepless In Seattle , and .. something else I forgot . I guess I must be cut from a different cloth because it’s not that I didn’t like them .. I just don’t understand that hype =\

City of God. I felt the exact same way after watching Scarface, Boyz N Da Hood, Paid In Full , New Jack City, and Menace II Society ; empty . This world has become so corrupt that people are used to being selfish and thinking that the world revolves around them rather than showing empathy once in a while . People turning on their friends and family for money, power, and whatever they can . Call me sheltered but I couldn’t enjoy it the way everyone else seems to . People wonder why people are the way they are today but these ideas were planted in our minds through media a long time ago . I guess it depends on how you were raised . Some people are easily influenced by what the media tells them , some aren’t . Some people take a mix of media and what they were taught growing up to create their idea of how they plan to live their lives . Besides that the movie was extremely realistic, for a bit I felt like I was going through the struggle in Rio de Janeiro myself .

Sleepless in Seattle. Just a big question mark for me , so many red flags for me lol . If my child ever went behind my back and called a radio station to broadcast my difficulty getting over the passing of my husband I would be livid . I hope that my child(ren) and I have the same relationship that my mom and I have where they feel comfortable coming to me for anything , especially when they’re sad or grieving over such a loss as a family member . I mean all I can do is hope but I don’t like people who I’m not comfortable with knowing the ins and outs of my life . The kid gave their address out to strangers, booked a flight to New York to meet someone they don’t know, disrespects the new woman in the father’s life .. all crazy to me ! I won’t even touch the giving out their address because that seems self explanatory to me but when the son went to NY on his own …….. whoa . First of all I woulda had a heart attack and where the heck is this child getting the money from !? I just didn’t find it realistic but not all movies can or will capture that , some parts of the movie need to be exaggerated I guess =\ . For the son not liking the new woman , I can relate to that but disrespect wasn’t gonna fly in my house . My mom would box me lol . All in all, I wan’t moved by the film . I had more of a confused look on my face at the end but hey .. that’s just my outlook on it .

Now I’m not a critic so this type post is a first and hopefully last but I would appreciate more movies suggestions =] 

God Bless xo


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