Hope City Presents: The Journey (Official Documentary)

Remember I posted the link to the preview not too long ago , well now the full documentary is here ! It’s great to see people look into the lives of up and coming basketball players , but I won’t talk much about it . Check it out =)


Times of great …


Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm.

Charles Colton

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Cut From A Different Cloth .

Since I’ve been on bed rest I have been taking the time to watch movies , read , and take naps .. and I love it ! This sabbath I decided to watch some movies that I’ve heard people rave about but just never got the chance to watch ; City of God, Sleepless In Seattle , and .. something else I forgot . I guess I must be cut from a different cloth because it’s not that I didn’t like them .. I just don’t understand that hype =\

City of God. I felt the exact same way after watching Scarface, Boyz N Da Hood, Paid In Full , New Jack City, and Menace II Society ; empty . This world has become so corrupt that people are used to being selfish and thinking that the world revolves around them rather than showing empathy once in a while . People turning on their friends and family for money, power, and whatever they can . Call me sheltered but I couldn’t enjoy it the way everyone else seems to . People wonder why people are the way they are today but these ideas were planted in our minds through media a long time ago . I guess it depends on how you were raised . Some people are easily influenced by what the media tells them , some aren’t . Some people take a mix of media and what they were taught growing up to create their idea of how they plan to live their lives . Besides that the movie was extremely realistic, for a bit I felt like I was going through the struggle in Rio de Janeiro myself .

Sleepless in Seattle. Just a big question mark for me , so many red flags for me lol . If my child ever went behind my back and called a radio station to broadcast my difficulty getting over the passing of my husband I would be livid . I hope that my child(ren) and I have the same relationship that my mom and I have where they feel comfortable coming to me for anything , especially when they’re sad or grieving over such a loss as a family member . I mean all I can do is hope but I don’t like people who I’m not comfortable with knowing the ins and outs of my life . The kid gave their address out to strangers, booked a flight to New York to meet someone they don’t know, disrespects the new woman in the father’s life .. all crazy to me ! I won’t even touch the giving out their address because that seems self explanatory to me but when the son went to NY on his own …….. whoa . First of all I woulda had a heart attack and where the heck is this child getting the money from !? I just didn’t find it realistic but not all movies can or will capture that , some parts of the movie need to be exaggerated I guess =\ . For the son not liking the new woman , I can relate to that but disrespect wasn’t gonna fly in my house . My mom would box me lol . All in all, I wan’t moved by the film . I had more of a confused look on my face at the end but hey .. that’s just my outlook on it .

Now I’m not a critic so this type post is a first and hopefully last but I would appreciate more movies suggestions =] 

God Bless xo

brb .

I just want a moment . Just a few minutes to process everything because I’m not sure what is going on .  I pray that God is truly looking down on me protecting me and helping me to become stronger .

Every time I say to myself that I got this under control , God taps me on the shoulder and shows me otherwise …

When did this start and when is it going to end ? I just want someone to hold me and tell me it’s okay … Then again it is 4 38 AM and my simp playlist is flowing ; all I need is my favourite wine and I’m … man I’m annoying lol . I’ve come too far and worked too hard to be so weak .

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places .” – Ephesians 6 : 12

Sometimes I chuckle at the verses my Bible app selects for me or what my friends send to me randomly. It’s like they know exactly what I’m going through but they don’t wanna directly help or say anything . I know I can be a wreck but gosh darn it .

sidenote : why do people underestimate me when I say I can find out things easy ? I wish people would understand it’s real in these creeper streets . and sometimes I don’t even need to look, this stuff comes to me . my gosh it’s wild how small this world is . I’ve said this before and hopefully people actually read this and understand .

brb… Pray for me  .

Daily Travelling as a new cripple girl .

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley

As a newbie cripple I have had to learn how to get things done myself , well at least try . Anything else, I call on my fam or close friends to try and help me out . So today I had my appointment at the Apple store at Square One and of course I needed a ride . sidenote: it is so weird not having a vehicle anymore . I feel like a pest asking people for rides, I don’t know how people are so comfortable always asking ! I need a car ASAPAnywho, none of my friends could give me a ride and my father wasn’t available so my mom and I decided to take the transit to the mall and of course my little family decided to make it a family trip . Little did I know this trip would solidify my disgust for living in Brampton .

First of all , WHERE IS THE SALT ON THE SIDE WALKS ?! I had to tip toe all over the place because I was playing Slip N’ Slide with my crutches . The ice storm was a few days ago , the sidewalks still look like hazard areas with all the trees and ice all about the place . The whole time I was walking to the bus stop I was just kissing my teeth lol . Anywho the trip itself wasn’t bad . The bus drivers seem to love my mom, must be the God in her lol . She’s so patient and kind even to the jerk bus drivers and they can’t help but smile … ew man lol thats besides the point .

When we get to Square One the first thing on my mind is getting an electric scooter to ride around and stunt in aha (this is a big dream of mine since I got my ankle fractured, lame I know), but of course the mall is busy and they are out of everything so I had to sit and wait even while I’m already late for my appointment at Apple . After getting flustered I hopped over to Apple with my sister so I could at least tell them I’m in the mall . They tell me they’re already behind schedule and they wont be able to see me for another hour and since I’m on crutches they wanted me to sit and wait for them to call me . Now I understand I’m injured but sitting down waiting patiently while I’m starving is quite difficult to do . But I work in retail and I understand how it is to go through the holiday season in a high demand store so I decided I’ll wait . Yadda yadda they fix my problem after an hour and some of waiting, thanked them and blitzed to the food court (now by this time my mom was finally able to bother the information desk and get a wheelchair) .

After we’re done eating, we made our way to Victoria Secret so I can use the lovely gift card I got for my birthday (spanks Janay) . I usually don’t shop there cause I find them to be for the hottie hotties who are looking to impress their husbands / boyfriends and ting .. Sorry I don’t have any of that LaSenza and Winners will suffice lol . Regardless to say I used all of my gift card YAY but my experience was extremely terrible BOO. Seeing as how I’m not able to get around without assistance, its frustrating when associates see me trying to get by and instead of moving out the way or giving me some space, they act like I’m not there or look at me like I’m lower than them . Then these two black girls working there are looking at me up and down like I did something to them, nothing new but lately since my patience has been strained I have no time for nonsense . There’s other things I could name wrong with that experience but they closed and I got my things so whatever, I won’t be going back to that location again . To top it all off when I got to the terminal to go back home these ratchets decided it was cute to mimic me trying to get around, which I found extremely sad and pathetic but just keep the ratchets in your prayers ya’ll . 

*deep breathe*

Regardless I am now home laying on my couch defrosting about to start watching Prison Break on Netflixxxxxxx . Sorry for the rant but I just can’t wait to walk properly again ! #CountdowntoJanuray16 !!!!!