Hey everyone, I’m 21 ! Finally legal everywhere *flips table and praise breaks*

On a serious note, I didn’t expect to spend my birthday on crutches .. Well no one expects to get injured but it’s just really unfortunate. But as always, God has a bigger plan for me and right now he is doing a pretty good job of showing me who is and has been there for me .

BUT FORREAL DOE YA’LL BETTA BE CAREFUL IN THESE SKREETS . THESE ROADS GOT NO SALT ON EM . BUT HONESTLY , THIS PROVES MY THEORY ABOUT SCARBERIA . I’ve gone to fetes for a few years now and the one time I venture out there is when I fracture my ankle ? Yeah no thank  you smh .

So quick recap of EXACTLY what happened to my ankle because some people feel its their story and they wanna tell people =)

SO on Saturday night I went out for my friend’s birthday out in the badlands of Scarberia , we got there all in one piece and we were having a few drinks in the car before we got into the venue . Now I don’t get drunk because ONE I’m super annoying, TWO I don’t like the feeling and I don’t see the need to be drunk to have fun, THREE I’ve turned a new leaf lol . So that night I had enough for a buzz . After we decided we were ready to go inside of the venue I was the last person and my friend was calling me to get a bottle so I was walking to him and when I got to him I slipped and fell, the end .

I get upset just thinking about it but this injury may have been a blessing in disguise . It has given me time to think about so much things that I wanna change about myself and what’s happening in my life . For one thing I don’t really take much time to take care of myself , things like taking care of my skin, hair, nails, and my room . If I’m not working , I’m at school, if I’m not at those two places I’m tryna get out of the house to see my homies . Now with me being without a vehicle*sigh* and I don’t like asking a lot of people for rides to places I have time to just chill because transit can’t take me everywhere I wanna be and taxi’s are H’EXPENSIVE tuh rass , my goodness lol . I’ve also learned there are only a few people I can call on in emergencies , which is great . Everyone has a life and I understand, it’s just crazy to see that you would bend your back for some people that wont even lift a finger for you when it comes down to the wire . Life lessons , right ? Old Sherice would be upset and cut off most people but there is no need to be upset over some things . No malice, just keeping things moving . I’ve also learned that I’m rarely around to help my sisters and watch them grow . I’m always on the go but even when I do come home I’m sleeping or in my phone not really paying attention to them . Over these past two weeks I’ve witnessed how smart my sisters are and that they are so loving . They bring me pillows to elevate my ankle, bring me food, help me get around the house, and play cards with me to keep me entertained ; it’s so cute ! I’ve also learned that I tend run from being straight up with people . I let things slide and then wonder why they treat me a certain way . If you only message me when I post a photo on IG or when all your other “options” are not available just know that iOS7 allows me to block numbers and you’re on that list =] .

All in all , I’ll be walking in a few weeks, back to school, then vacay . Super excited .

God bless xox .


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