A Storm is brewing .

Only up until a few years ago did I hear about Christians going through “storms” and witnessing my mom go through hers I always said to myself that I dread the day that I go through mine .

I’m torn . Dealing with daily struggles its hard to keep faith that God is even watching over me . My mom has been through hell and back and through it all she seems to have put all her faith in Him but it’s extremely hard for me to do the same . But I can feel a storm is coming . I don’t think I have ever had to deal with some of the things I’ve been working through these past few months and I feel exhausted . If this is what comes with becoming an adult take me back to my life back when I was 10 living in Sauga ! I can’t wait to genuinely smile again on a consistent basis .

On a positive note though , I’ve completed my Fall semester of school and my birthdaaaay is less than a month away !!!! I’m looking into internships and volunteer opportunities so if anyone reading this blog knows of any media internships or volunteering opportunities HOLLA AT YA GIRL , spanks and God Bless xox .

Note to self : Reading the Word . Have Faith . Believe . 



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