Recap Time

I’m so happy the weekend is finally here and this week’s stress is behind me !

So in a nutshell I had two assignments due this week, one on Tuesday another on Thursday and I was stressing because of the J Cole concert being smack dap in the middle on Wednesday*screams* and some work things but thank God I got everything done and now I’m ready to eat GOOD and enjoy my family .

Watching J Cole live was one of the best things I’ve seen … ever . I don’t go to concerts often because there aren’t a lot of people that I support consistently but that was siiiick . This was also overdue because I wasn’t able to see Cole when he came to Toronto for the Dollar and a Dream tour in the summer which had me livid but we’re not gonna get into that … Seeing someone have so much power over a crowd is amazing but scary at the same time lol . Getting the crowd super hype with an acapella intro to a big track then dropping the beat and watching Massey Hall go into a frenzy … and to be a part of that frenzy felt so surreal . Oh yes and his opening acts were Bas, Vic Mensa, and Wale . I must be late but I didn’t know Bas was a member of Dreamville and he is the other feature on New York Times . Well I wouldn’t know that because I tend to skip New York Times on Born Sinner, wasn’t feeling that track to be honest . But Vic Mensa was good but his performing had me more focused on how he was acting rather than the music so I can’t really say much about his music . I swear I thought he was going to drop off the stage 0_o . ahaaaaa . Back to Cole , I wish I stayed a bit longer after the concert because I heard people met him but then again with an 8am class the next day I wasn’t trying to take the chance and wait for nothing . One thing I would have changed about the concert is if he performed some OLD Cole , I mean from the Come Up and the Warm Up . I got to hear him perform Lights Please though which was just….. WOO Rick Flare .


Now it is Thanksgiving Weekend and I get to attend three dinners !!! The one today was out in Alliston (that drive was quite scenic but long) which was the . Seeing family from all over the place catch up on the years that we haven’t spent together, watch movies, EAT , and recap my cousin’s beautiful wedding that was this past August was great . I’m just tired of the questions in reference to when they are gonna meet my boyfriend and asking when I’ll be walking down the aisle . Yeaaaaaaa chill with DOT . I’m extremely excited to eat good again tomorrow . Food in my belly = happy Shericeeeey !

All in all I pray any and everyone who takes the time to read this has a safe and lovely Thanksgiving weekend , take care and God bless xo .

quick side note … I just got Drake’s Nothing Was the Same … It’s good but h’extremely over hyped in my opinion .


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