Can I have your attention please … ?

So …

the other day I came across a tweet on my Twitter Timeline that caught my attention …

“Women want undying attention but then call men clingy”

Alright now … Me being a woman, I disagree to an extent . I believe in the saying “everything should be done in moderation”.

I love attention, especially from the guy I’m involved with or interested in but when it becomes smothering or overbearing I have a problem . Men seem to get confused when women demand their attention . Think simple guys . Things like being able to talk about a stressful day, a good experience, a tough time, or just a random conversation … We don’t want to talk to a brick wall . Now sometimes we may ask you at an inconvenient time but if what you’re doing can be put on hold for a second , women appreciate that . If I call my man saying a need someone to vent to and he says “Sorry give me a bit I’m playing 2K” umm….. call me naive but that can be paused, no ? Give me just 5 minutes of your time , I really don’t ask for much . I would do the same for you … although many guys I know don’t really like to talk about their problems (which I will never understand) I would take the time to listen and give my feedback if its wanted .

Now if you’re constantly blowing up your girl’s phone every second for random things and getting upset if she doesn’t respond right away that’s where it gets excessive . Some girls do like this kind of attention but its either rare or just a phase the girl is going through and after a certain time it will annoying and also tiring to the person that’s constantly having to spark the conversation and make the effort .

This topic also ties into being a communication issue . If you’re someone who likes to be messaged and/or called every possible moment by your significant other then you should let the person know . That’s an important part of getting to know each other ; likes and dislikes, habits, tendencies, etc . But even if it would be awkward to just randomly bring up, if a person doesn’t talk to you enough or too much there shouldn’t be an issue with you voicing that . If you feel that you can’t go to this person and tell them something about them that bothers you like how consistent or inconsistent they are, what makes you think you’ll be able to hold down a relationship which is usually built on honesty …


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