Tell ‘Em Steve !

Just a little something that my mom sent me that I felt the need to share !


The Road I’m On

I feel like this road to bettering myself as a person and as a Christian is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to overcome . Everyday is a challenge . I’m nowhere close to where I aspire to be but I feel that I have made progress .

I started going to bible study once a week with my home girl and I definitely gotta say I’m proud of us … We had to stop due to work schedules and personal business but it started getting me into the habit of taking the time to get in touch with God . But we tried, I mean how many people are in my life right now would join me in bible study ? Not as many as the amount of people that would come with me to the club that’s for sure lol . But that’s fine , I don’t take that personally because this is a decision I made on my own . If my friends want to do the same then I’m definitely bout it bout itttttttt .

That’s another thing . I don’t ever want the people in my life to think that through my decisions I expect them to do the same right away . I talk to my friends about God but it’s up to them what they want to do with their lives . I just gotta live through example . Do I go out ? Yes . Does that make me a bad person ? I don’t think so but I know a few people who would say otherwise . Does that matter to me ? No . This isn’t “My Journey to being a better person featuring so and so” this is MY journey and if I make a mistake it’s on me . I learn from it and I try not to repeat it again .

Someone asked me what made me decide to finally get baptized and get back into the Word . Well ….

A few months back my mom and I were just having a mommy and daughter conversation and talking about my future and where I wanna be in life . Now my mom is my rock , though she aggravates me sometimes she is always there for me . Being the spiritual person she is , she was talking to me about my relationship with God and how non existent its become … Now I’m horrible at taking redirection so I took it in a negative way but it’s true … But I was thinking well how can I better my relationship with Him and she suggested that I get baptized . 0_o whoa . I always thought that getting saved was for people that were basically perfect “no spot or wrinkle” and I was way off from that so I put that whole idea off . Then a month or so later my mom brought it up again and reassured me that no one is perfect ; Saved Christians aren’t perfect either . Then voila , October 27th I got baptized . Pretty cool experience … literally . The water was freezing man . But I felt good after .

Another factor that got me to get baptized was the Second Coming . Now I’m like seriously slow because I never knew this would ever happen  *yikes* . But in Revelations the Bible talks about the times of the world getting seriously bad and Jesus coming again for His people . When my mom told me that I brushed it off because I thought she was crazy smh . Then for the next few weeks she would wake me up in the middle of the night and show me a video clips on YouTube by different people talking about the same subject but one that stuck out for me the most is a man named Lonnie Mackley . He’s such a meek man and he’s so inspiring . But after knowing this it was hard for me to just sit back and continue living how I used to live knowing that I may not go to heaven . People joke about it but honestly , I’m not tryna go to hell lol … Though I don’t have my one way ticket to heaven yet , hopefully before my time is up on this Earth I will have earned it .

Being Saved in my eyes is basically signing a contract with God saying that you will try your hardest to be the best Christian you can be . As my bible study teacher said , “if you wanna be a better person before you get baptized then what do you need God for ?” He’s here to help me get to where I need to be , I know I wouldn’t be able to make it without Him . I feel the pressures every single day ! Sometimes I fail … Sometimes I pass . It’s just an ongoing journey for me .

Man I have really been writing this post for the past few days … I’ll look at it and then save the draft and then walk away . I think it’s because I’m kinda nervous about a post like this . A lot of people look at the fact that I got baptized or even tweet a rare bible scripture and are like =/ … But I’m slowly learning not to care . *pumps fist in the air*

Happy Sabbath ya’ll xo .

Recap Time

I’m so happy the weekend is finally here and this week’s stress is behind me !

So in a nutshell I had two assignments due this week, one on Tuesday another on Thursday and I was stressing because of the J Cole concert being smack dap in the middle on Wednesday*screams* and some work things but thank God I got everything done and now I’m ready to eat GOOD and enjoy my family .

Watching J Cole live was one of the best things I’ve seen … ever . I don’t go to concerts often because there aren’t a lot of people that I support consistently but that was siiiick . This was also overdue because I wasn’t able to see Cole when he came to Toronto for the Dollar and a Dream tour in the summer which had me livid but we’re not gonna get into that … Seeing someone have so much power over a crowd is amazing but scary at the same time lol . Getting the crowd super hype with an acapella intro to a big track then dropping the beat and watching Massey Hall go into a frenzy … and to be a part of that frenzy felt so surreal . Oh yes and his opening acts were Bas, Vic Mensa, and Wale . I must be late but I didn’t know Bas was a member of Dreamville and he is the other feature on New York Times . Well I wouldn’t know that because I tend to skip New York Times on Born Sinner, wasn’t feeling that track to be honest . But Vic Mensa was good but his performing had me more focused on how he was acting rather than the music so I can’t really say much about his music . I swear I thought he was going to drop off the stage 0_o . ahaaaaa . Back to Cole , I wish I stayed a bit longer after the concert because I heard people met him but then again with an 8am class the next day I wasn’t trying to take the chance and wait for nothing . One thing I would have changed about the concert is if he performed some OLD Cole , I mean from the Come Up and the Warm Up . I got to hear him perform Lights Please though which was just….. WOO Rick Flare .


Now it is Thanksgiving Weekend and I get to attend three dinners !!! The one today was out in Alliston (that drive was quite scenic but long) which was the . Seeing family from all over the place catch up on the years that we haven’t spent together, watch movies, EAT , and recap my cousin’s beautiful wedding that was this past August was great . I’m just tired of the questions in reference to when they are gonna meet my boyfriend and asking when I’ll be walking down the aisle . Yeaaaaaaa chill with DOT . I’m extremely excited to eat good again tomorrow . Food in my belly = happy Shericeeeey !

All in all I pray any and everyone who takes the time to read this has a safe and lovely Thanksgiving weekend , take care and God bless xo .

quick side note … I just got Drake’s Nothing Was the Same … It’s good but h’extremely over hyped in my opinion .

Can I have your attention please … ?

So …

the other day I came across a tweet on my Twitter Timeline that caught my attention …

“Women want undying attention but then call men clingy”

Alright now … Me being a woman, I disagree to an extent . I believe in the saying “everything should be done in moderation”.

I love attention, especially from the guy I’m involved with or interested in but when it becomes smothering or overbearing I have a problem . Men seem to get confused when women demand their attention . Think simple guys . Things like being able to talk about a stressful day, a good experience, a tough time, or just a random conversation … We don’t want to talk to a brick wall . Now sometimes we may ask you at an inconvenient time but if what you’re doing can be put on hold for a second , women appreciate that . If I call my man saying a need someone to vent to and he says “Sorry give me a bit I’m playing 2K” umm….. call me naive but that can be paused, no ? Give me just 5 minutes of your time , I really don’t ask for much . I would do the same for you … although many guys I know don’t really like to talk about their problems (which I will never understand) I would take the time to listen and give my feedback if its wanted .

Now if you’re constantly blowing up your girl’s phone every second for random things and getting upset if she doesn’t respond right away that’s where it gets excessive . Some girls do like this kind of attention but its either rare or just a phase the girl is going through and after a certain time it will annoying and also tiring to the person that’s constantly having to spark the conversation and make the effort .

This topic also ties into being a communication issue . If you’re someone who likes to be messaged and/or called every possible moment by your significant other then you should let the person know . That’s an important part of getting to know each other ; likes and dislikes, habits, tendencies, etc . But even if it would be awkward to just randomly bring up, if a person doesn’t talk to you enough or too much there shouldn’t be an issue with you voicing that . If you feel that you can’t go to this person and tell them something about them that bothers you like how consistent or inconsistent they are, what makes you think you’ll be able to hold down a relationship which is usually built on honesty …