blurb .

I feel like I haven’t made a post in a longgggg time and the other day I was in a mood … And when I can’t rant to someone in person and I sure as heck will not rant on Twitter , my one outlet I use is my blog … *takes a deep breath*

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just bothers you ? Nothing particularly different happens during your day but just at some point your whole mood just switches up ? Yeah that was me yesterday.

Why is it that people want to make decisions for you ? Instead of asking your opinion they’re assuming what they know about you and coming to a conclusion . STOP THAT .

And I know people can understand body language . When someone does not look open to speak or do something and you continue to still bother them … STOP THAT .

I’m so tired of negative people . Just so tired . I have days where I am not in the best of moods but to be negative ALL the time ? Too much . To wake up and already say your day sucks ? Way too much . It’s just so tiring to be miserable , I don’t know how you guys do it every day of your lives .All you pessimists of the world that feel that Every. Single. Thing. that goes wrong in your life is a personal attack on you … STOP THAT .

I’m trying this thing where I forgive and move and but my gosh it is so hard . It is easy to forgive certain people from my past and even present but when you decide to forgive, that meansĀ everyone . This is where I’m stuck . There are some people that have gotten to a certain place in my mind that they will never come back from . Like when someone does you really bad … Real bad . It’s so hard to say well ‘ well heck if I want God to forgive me when my time comes then I should be able to forgive this character ‘ . *deep sigh*

*gives blog a big hug* thanks for listening to me boo .

Well I’m gonna go enjoy my Sabbath ,

G’night and God Bless