My Journey


Last year around this time I had a discussion with a few friends about natural vs. permed hair . At the time I was well overdue for a perm and was just frustrated with my hair . I couldn’t stand the burn of perming it , the fact that I wasn’t seeing much growth , and the way I looked homeless when I was due to get some more creamy crack . The three people that I was having the discussion with all had natural hair , one has never permed it and the other two used to use chemicals . They educated me about the documentary Good Hair and the different downsides of perm . Now when I was natural a few years back there wasn’t a huge selection of black hair products to maintain healthy natural roots and I don’t go to the states to get products but they were telling me about all the new products on the market that we have access to in Canada . That is the moment that I decided that I wasn’t gonna perm my hair anymore , I wasn’t ready for the big chop but I was ready to give up the creamy crack .



September 2012 I decided I was comfortable enough to finally chop off all the permed ends I still had . Now I hated the cut at first . I felt like a little boy and the hairstylist that I went to didn’t even know how to style natural hair (never going back there again smh) . Like this woman cut most , not all of my permed ends and was just gonna leave it lol … Ah wah do this sistah ?! But as you can see in the above pics she attempted a little frohawk in the end . The transformation definitely took some getting used to but with the help of many friends , my mom , and YouTube I was able to learn to somewhat style my hair and use products to help with the growth and maintain the health of my hair .



Here is my latest update as of last weekend !

I’m so proud of the growth and the health of my hair . Many people look at my hair now and say I should have never went natural and others are embracing it . I’m just learning to love who I am , naturally . No need for the creamy crack !! But I’m going back to braids for the warm weather soon . The downside of taking care of my hair is that I’m super lazy so putting on my head wrap at night , oiling my scalp and roots , and sometimes even attempting new styles will get me frustrated BUT I’ve gotten to far to step back now .

happy nappy girl , haaaaaay !


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