au naturel



But no I’ve been noticing lots of women putting down the perm and going back to their natural roots and I’m just so proud *tear tear* . Now now before the creamy crack lovers come and tipi my house , you guys are cool too alright ? I mean one of my best girls perms her hair and her hair looks great ! I just prefer my hair natural, kinks and all .

When I first permed my hair it looked pretty good . Colour was still dark , length was sick , my hair had a bit of volume and stuff so I felt nice … then after some time my hair seemed to get thinner , especially my edges . uhhh who wants to wake up one day with a receding hairline ? Not I and I , oh . Also since I played sports I would sweat out the perm so fast that I’d be crying for a perm 2 weeks after burning up my scalp . AND The ugly perm brown colour became my hair colour , I’m sorry it looks so gross on me , I don’t like it , Only dark brown or black hair for me man . There was just so many issues that I had with perm and even though I’m still getting used to styling my hair with it being natural and still growing I am so proud ! After my official big chop a few months ago ( it looked sooo awkward ) my hair is getting LONG . Ponytail in a few , but I’m not rocking no struggle ponytail smh .. 

Thats’s another thing , if you’re growing your hair … have patience Why are you Instagram’n your insta struggle pony tail ? Let your hair breathe , be free , and give your hairline a break .. chups .

woopty woop !


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