My Journey


Last year around this time I had a discussion with a few friends about natural vs. permed hair . At the time I was well overdue for a perm and was just frustrated with my hair . I couldn’t stand the burn of perming it , the fact that I wasn’t seeing much growth , and the way I looked homeless when I was due to get some more creamy crack . The three people that I was having the discussion with all had natural hair , one has never permed it and the other two used to use chemicals . They educated me about the documentary Good Hair and the different downsides of perm . Now when I was natural a few years back there wasn’t a huge selection of black hair products to maintain healthy natural roots and I don’t go to the states to get products but they were telling me about all the new products on the market that we have access to in Canada . That is the moment that I decided that I wasn’t gonna perm my hair anymore , I wasn’t ready for the big chop but I was ready to give up the creamy crack .



September 2012 I decided I was comfortable enough to finally chop off all the permed ends I still had . Now I hated the cut at first . I felt like a little boy and the hairstylist that I went to didn’t even know how to style natural hair (never going back there again smh) . Like this woman cut most , not all of my permed ends and was just gonna leave it lol … Ah wah do this sistah ?! But as you can see in the above pics she attempted a little frohawk in the end . The transformation definitely took some getting used to but with the help of many friends , my mom , and YouTube I was able to learn to somewhat style my hair and use products to help with the growth and maintain the health of my hair .



Here is my latest update as of last weekend !

I’m so proud of the growth and the health of my hair . Many people look at my hair now and say I should have never went natural and others are embracing it . I’m just learning to love who I am , naturally . No need for the creamy crack !! But I’m going back to braids for the warm weather soon . The downside of taking care of my hair is that I’m super lazy so putting on my head wrap at night , oiling my scalp and roots , and sometimes even attempting new styles will get me frustrated BUT I’ve gotten to far to step back now .

happy nappy girl , haaaaaay !


au naturel



But no I’ve been noticing lots of women putting down the perm and going back to their natural roots and I’m just so proud *tear tear* . Now now before the creamy crack lovers come and tipi my house , you guys are cool too alright ? I mean one of my best girls perms her hair and her hair looks great ! I just prefer my hair natural, kinks and all .

When I first permed my hair it looked pretty good . Colour was still dark , length was sick , my hair had a bit of volume and stuff so I felt nice … then after some time my hair seemed to get thinner , especially my edges . uhhh who wants to wake up one day with a receding hairline ? Not I and I , oh . Also since I played sports I would sweat out the perm so fast that I’d be crying for a perm 2 weeks after burning up my scalp . AND The ugly perm brown colour became my hair colour , I’m sorry it looks so gross on me , I don’t like it , Only dark brown or black hair for me man . There was just so many issues that I had with perm and even though I’m still getting used to styling my hair with it being natural and still growing I am so proud ! After my official big chop a few months ago ( it looked sooo awkward ) my hair is getting LONG . Ponytail in a few , but I’m not rocking no struggle ponytail smh .. 

Thats’s another thing , if you’re growing your hair … have patience Why are you Instagram’n your insta struggle pony tail ? Let your hair breathe , be free , and give your hairline a break .. chups .

woopty woop !


Nobody is perfect . We all make mistakes but it’s up to us to try not to repeat it over and over . Why can’t people accept that ?

I’ve gone through many trials in my life but the hardest one for me as of late is to accept that as a Christian it’s ten times harder for me to do the right thing . You’ll always meet desire and temptation but it’s a test and someone is always going to be watching . Just because your followers on social media , your family , your church , or who ever doesn’t see does not mean someone isn’t watching eh ? Man I failed a test just this weekend lol . I caved and went to a fete , official last one doe . I enjoyed myself especially since I saw so many familiar faces and heard some sweet vibes but at the same time it wasn’t right . It would not make sense for me to talk about being Christian but then in the night time I’m attempting to 6 15 to some Shal Marshall . Just last year I thought it was ohkay to go out and party and serve the Lord at the same time and there are people that do , which is cool ; I can’t tell anyone what to and what not to do but I can change what I do . I’m not looking to be that guy to point fingers and tell people that how they’re living is wrong . I’m seeing it happen and it’s not helping people come towards God , it’s pushing them further away . Lead by example ! Show people how to live right , it will be their choice from then to follow .

Now obviously having the ability to accept does not just apply to Christianity , it applies to almost anything . What I’m seeing lately is people not being able to accept that they’re wrong , that they’re the same as everyone else (ouuuu definitely my next post), accepting that they need to make changes in their life , etc. It’s definitely something that’s hard to do . But it all goes back to people thinking that they’re perfect … YOU ARE NOT PERFECT lol . ACCEPT that you messed up , ACCEPT that you made a mistake , ACCEPT that you need to do something differently . It’s this new thing I’m trying , its a pretty awesome stress reliever let me tell ya .

The common roadblock to acceptance seems to be pride . All these people with larger than life egos or these bod mon that don’t wanna get called out . You know how much stronger you’d look if you were able to evaluate yourself and make a change ? Tell someone that the way you act or live your life is in need of a tune up ? 

but then again what do I know *shrug*