happy Sabbath !

oh haaaai .

I dislike waking up early cause it ruins me for the rest of the day man … but I can’t go back to sleep , waaaaah … on the bright side I am up to see a new day right ? yupp . I should actually be going to church but I’m back on the hunt for a new home church how fun … not =/ .

March Madness is in full swing ! This is my first year actually watching lol . Terrible . Bigups to Iowa State that came up with a W last night over Notre Dame ! Some Canadian talent is on the team so I’m always down to support obviously . I haven’t really tuned into many NCAA ball games during the season but I hope Iowa State takes it because I know someone who plays for them , duh . *throws up pom poms* 

gheeey .

After my mini checkup last night one of my readers (I feel so cool saying that honestly) gave me a some feedback and proposed a little challenge for me . Since I’m such a picky eater I’m going to try something new for 21 days starting April 1st . I need some time to get all my junk in . AND no more McDonald’s . I’m a fiend and it has to end , sadly . Keep me in your prayers guys , no joke . spanks =)

time to get my day started with some fried plantain , have a blessed day xox .


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