mini checkup

I’m so tired . 

I know I’m doing a post at 2AM obviously I should be tired but I mean I’m emotionally tired of many things . With all the changes going on around me sometimes I feel like I have absolutely no control … In many cases this is true . I’m having those kind of days where instead of taking things one at a time , I just pick up everything all at once and hope that my superwoman powers will activate… but they don’t lol . But it’s coo , I mean we all have those days . I can admit that . But I don’t want this to be depressing . 

I saw something on twitter the other day and it made me laugh . This guy that I used to “talk to” in high school (in a nutshell he played me like all the other guys I liked in high school , yikes) tweeted that girls can’t be trusted . LOL isn’t that sewwwwwww funny ? Do people not believe in karma ? All things done in the dark must come to light ? nah ? oh . You expect to constantly lie to a girl that did nothing to you and not expect to meet someone who will match your nonsense ? Don’t get me twisted though , I wouldn’t wish the hurt I went through on anyone but its bound to happen . *shrug*

#randomfactthatIdidntrealizeaboutmyselfuntiltheotherday , I am very picky 0_o .

I love food sooooo much . . but only certain foods . I only eat certain chocolates , certain candies , specific meats ,etc . I just thought I was craven but I’m not ! Craven people eat anything in sight, I don’t WOO . ^_^

but aaahmm , I have to be up in a few . gross .

I’ll be back soon ……… with something of substance . mmmmhm .


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