better late than …

HEY GUYS ! So how was your Black History Month ?

… *cricket cricket* … oh .

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems that every year the idea of Black History Month (BHM) gets pushed closer to the back burner . I mean its the shortest month of the year , why can’t we dedicate one month out of the year to show some respect to the people who have and still are contributing to Black History ?

Since I did not see or hear much about any events in the GTA for BHM I took it upon myself to watch movies and research with my family and I was pretty moved by what I learned . I’m not good at following one person’s life especially someone historical . Many people I know have idols that they know inside out but I really cannot be bothered with dem tings enuh … So I took the time to research Malcolm X , Oprah , Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali . All of their stories were moving but I was particularly interested in Muhammad Ali’s .

He was so into himself ! Like he was the typical hot boy that knew what he was capable of . “I cannot be beat !” With all that talk I thought he was gonna get his behind dealt with . And the way he was able to articulate was … sweet . I watched an interview he had and one of the questions they asked him was Would You Want to be President? I was expecting a pretty generic reply, nothing to be memorable but he made a statement that had me thinking . Around the time that Ali was in the spotlight racism was still a serious issue . So when he answered no I was not surprised, but it was his reasoning that was memorable (If I can find the video again I will link it ). Imagine we’re all sailing on a ship . If for all these years when you were nothing but a “coloured man” they did not look at you to become captain why is it now that I am “Muhammad Ali” that you want me to think about being captain? The ship must be sinking or something! That’s kind of how it went but the way he said it was funny . Simple moments like that where a man of colour can go on TV and properly articulate his views is amazing and attractive … yeah I know he’s old but just let it be (lol.)

But in all honesty why is it so hard for the public to embrace BHM ? It seems like February gets overlooked because of all the Valentine’s Day propaganda . I mean February 1st a few of the people I follow on Twitter will say Happy Black History Month but then a week in , the conversations on my timeline change to talk about who is doing and getting what for Valentine’s Day … which is cute BUT there is more to February than the one day of mixed reviews and loverly chocolate . Btw, let me just say February 15th is one of the best days of the year, all the chocolates I like are on clearance (woo woo *pelvic thrust) . Anyways , I was talking to my younger sister and she was telling me about her schools plans for BHM… and there didn’t seem to be anything happening which just blew me away . But then half way through the month they decided to dedicate the last week of the month to shine light on memorable black people . I’ll take what we can get but it’s sad to me that this is how things have become . At my high school we had speakers come in , performances … and I think that’s all but I mean we had something . These are elementary school children , if you don’t plant the seeds now what makes you think they’re gonna care in middle school ? high school ? university ?? Not many .

But the month is over . I’m still fascinated by the history of my people and I will try to post different things that I see . I know this post is quite late but better later than never , yeah ? word .


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