baby girl .

7 years ago my mother gave birth to a little girl that I would eventually look at like my own daughter . This girl looks like me, talks like me, and even the other day she showed me her outfit she was going to wear to school and it was something that she copied from me ! Now I have three other sisters but I guess since I am the eldest I am drawn to her more than my middle siblings since she is the bebe . I do not want to give the misconception that I love her more than the others . I love them equally and when I am upset I want to beat them equally as bad too .

2012 was a transition year for my family and many of our old habits and traditions have either stopped or are not as”pumped up” as they used to be. So the past few weeks I was planning in my head all the different ways that I could make this birthday special for her . Special  breakfast , favourite food for lunch / dinner , and some kind of toy that she raves about . But I failed to realize that with the changes happening in our family , she was growing and maturing as well . The things that I thought would matter to her did not really phase her this year , and I am so proud . A simple day spent with the company of our little clan of ladies plus one had her all smiles AND she conquered roller skating like a CHAMP . I swear with all the things I go through with my baby sister alone I feel like I am ready to have my own children (AHA , not for now but you know) . 

[ No matter how much we fight , complain , and scream at one another I want you to always know that I love you dearly and that you can always talk to me . Every time you leave to go to school my heart hurts and I pray that you come home from all the chaos that happens outside . Stop growing please and spanks . ]

You have put gladness in my heart, More than in the season that their grain and wine increased .” Psalms 4 : 7

aside from all the rambling , I felt the need to have a post dedicated to my babygirl . Happy Bornday xox . 


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