hello … hi

so I am definitely new to WordPress but I felt that I needed a fresh start to get my ideas out of my head and onto a surface that I can share with anyone who is interested in reading them. I’m no one particularly special , just a young woman in the process of altering her lifestyle and habits in a big way .

a little tid bit about myself …

I’m from the GTA , Canada . Employed . Part Time PR Student (temporarily on break) . eldest Sibling . ex athlete . mother of a cat . Christian . Romantic . Lover of the 40s – 60s film era . & an AMAZING best friend ( *pelvic thrust* )

I am a recently converted Seventh Day … not an adventist but my family just says Sabbath Keepers . Soon I’ll explain what that means but my head is all over the place so yeah . . But yes me recently converting and with the times that we are in have caused me to take my religion a bit more seriously than I used to when I was Baptist . My eyes have seriously opened and I’m looking more into bettering my relationship with God rather than ‘serving the world’ . This has been a bit of a challenge for me seeing as how I have always been a party girl , I love going out , especially to Soca fetes (oh they are so fun ='[ ) . I have also been playing mas for the past 3 years so I’m a bit torn to not be going to Caribana this year … but as a good friend of mine said to me , “you cant be no big big Christian but winin’ up at fetes , it makes no sense) and it is definitely true . What kind of example am I setting ? and the more I get into Christianity the less I desire to go out which, I’m so grateful for . I remember when I got baptized the first thing I was worried about was , “How am I gonna tell my friends about this ? I can’t go out with them anymore…” But God has definitely done wonders for me , “Let Go and let God

Another part of the transition in my life is relationships . Attempting to steer away from them right now though it is ridiculously hard since I have this random crush (meeeerp .) But I guess I can’t help it . I love Love . I love the idea of being in love and having someone to call your own but my problem is I settle for whatever comes my way rather than going for what I want . In the past I have just adjusted to whatever guy shows me interest and learned to like them . Definitely a no no . I feel that in high school especially , my self esteem was at the lowest its ever been (definitely a whole other post) so I thought I just better take what comes to me … not saying that now my self esteem is in tip top shape but I am learning to leave certain guys alone . In my case it is soooo hard to find a good man that is a Christian and respects my views on things . Just so annoying … but this crush of mine seems to follow Christ so we’ll see if this even becomes something lol .


In a nutshell I am here to share my views and ideas and learn a bit more about myself . My urge to blog again came from a few bloggers I have met through my long time relationship with Twitter aha . Such amazing people with wonderful things to say so I said hey why not .. I’m not sure if I wanna post this blog to my Twitter as of yet but I’ll think about it ..


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