Growing up I had dreams and aspirations to work with kids so I wanted to be a pediatrician but in the same breath I don’t like science so that didn’t work out. After doing the morning news in highschool I decided I wanted to work in media! Journalism seemed to be the way to go so my Trini beti and I decided we wanted to go to Ryerson and live like the girls in Gossip Girl living downtown (less scandalous obviously) but that obviously did not pan out. Half way through university I decided that I liked Public Relations and Event Planning and that was it!

Here I am today sitting in my cubicle trying to figure how the heck I got here!

Taking a step back and observing my life I sort of know how but it is definitely unfortunate but not bad. I love my job – some days are better than others but that’s what happens when you have to deal with other people in general. Getting a job in media is super hard unless you have a connect or are willing to go broke trying to build experience with mini jobs, in my opinion. There were a few opportunities that I received even while in university but I was working a full time job and they wanted me to work for free basically until we put ourselves on… pardon?

Where are the paid internships? or at least the flexible non-paid ones so that I can actually have a source of income to afford my commute and possibly buying a plain bagel, lightly toasted with butter from Timmies to get me through my day? Where are the jobs where you don’t require five years of experience working in our field straight out of school? The search has been frustrating.

The reason why I’m sitting at my desk working in a different field is because the hunt got tiring. Though this doesn’t mean its over, it means that I needed some money since according to a few non-credible sources I’m high maintenance (pssssshhhh). Jordan (STiXX) mentioned to me in a conversation we had a while ago “as long as you’re consistent with networking… it doesn’t have to be like another job”, so I’m taking it as such. Slowly trying to get out and network, building meaningful relationships, asking questions, breaking out of my shell, all them good thangs.

I’m not sure if there are other people out there who read this that are going through the same thing but please share your thoughts, frustrations, and concerns…

God bless xx


The forbidden word

Perri |

The forbidden word?

Are you ready? It’s celibacy!

In this over-sexualized and easy access culture, celibacy is a HIGHLY forbidden word.

My journey with this word has been on-going for quite some time now, unfortunately, with many restarts. I include this to say that it’s never, ever too late to jump back on the horse, or not– if you catch my drift.

My first bout with this was more of an experiment back in 2010. I had just fake ended things with the person I was cool with and I had concluded and declared for the first time that would be the last time. Wrong.

To be clear, “fake ended” is one of those things we as women do prematurely before we actually checkout for real. Most times, it’s an enraged emotional high that is quite short lived, and if you’re not careful…

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twenty four

This year in spending my 24th birthday on vacation. This is the first of, God willing, many more. I feel extremely blessed to be able to spend time away from my regular life and escape to some sun and new adventures.
Originally planning to go to St. Maarten (which I still plan on doing in the future) I was a bit nervous when changing the destination to Cuba because of the rumors about the food… which is true, the food isn’t the greatest but I’ll live. But as I sit here in my hotel room I had a quick scare. Even though I’m here with great company I truly miss my family. I wish I was able to take everyone with me and travel. I wish I was able to FaceTime them to see their faces and hear their voices.
A major downside here is that there are tons of restrictions on internet access here so using wifi definitely costs money and if you want to use it there is only certain parts of the resort that have it available. One thing I wanted to use was snapchat so I can obviously show off how much fun I’m having to my friends back home but that’s restricted here so I suggest to anyone if you’re going to Cuba download a VPN thing first so that you can change your IP address which will give you access to snapchat. This also made me realize that I am super attached to my social networks. The fact that I don’t have internet access constantly was a bummer to me and it shouldn’t be. I’ve been able to contact my family and tell them I’ve safely landed and that’s really all I should need it for. I get so caught up with other people’s lives and making my life look amazing that I just waste valuable time living my life.
I was watching a video of my daddy on my phone and randomly started to reflect on life. I want to live my life to the fullest while building the best possible relationship I can have with God. I seem to be stuck between I guess you would say a “worldly” lifestyle and A Christian one. But my main thing is living a good life and being a good person. I try my best to be good, treat people how I would like to be treated and do things with no regrets. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be, I want to be happy and go to heaven when my life here is over.
What I do want to do though is work more on my relationship with God. At times I feel empty and I’ve learned you can’t look to other people to fill that void, you need to look within yourself. I want to be a complete being so that when someone comes into my life they just add to it but they don’t control my happiness.
All in all I’m just here talking and reflecting. I don’t know if this is a comeback but I’m trying.

Happy Kobe Year to me. God bless xo

wake me up!

I’m a sucker for romance, I can’t help it. Right now it’s showing how weak I am though lol. I put my foot down but I keep questioning if it was the right thing even though it is… does that make sense?

Sometimes I wanna speak on it but I feel redundant and I van’t reach out to the person because I already said wait… I’m a joooooooooke lol. But I pray about it everyday. If it’s meant for me it will be for me.

Amen. I missed this blog. So much going onnnnnnnnnnnn.

New Level

It’s been a whirlwind of craziness but I have officially graduated from university! Through all these years pushing and stressing to be done and now that it’s over I don’t even know what to do with myself aha. Okay I’m kidding, it’s time to make this shmoney but I mean usually I’m on break prepping for summer school or the fall semester but that’s not gonna happen… For now.

God tested me through many trials and tribulations and I thought about giving up many times. But all in all life will always have its ups and downs; if you can gather your strength to push on, do so. Don’t let the devil win, EVER!

I have so many things to do now but I am extremely happy and excited for the many goals I have to complete.

It’s funny my dad said to me that now that I’m done school he’s okay to hear about me dating now lol. But really and truly, I’ve kinda used school as an excuse to not date for a while now… And many other reasons that don’t need to be discussed right now aha. But dating just seems so exhausting. I want someone and something serious and the generation I’m apart of plays too much games. Why are we trying to figure out who cares the least?! If you like me and I like you then what’s the issue !!!

*woosah* anyways. My toes are starting to tingle aha. I pray everyone has a blessed day. Positive vibes only! God bless 

breathe for a second.

self assurance. know your worth. take your time. you’re amazing. 

appreciate what you have, work for what you want. pray for guidance, strength, and patience. 

Lord I feel like I’m constantly trying to get things on my own without asking for your help or approval which is probably why they aren’t going my way. aha good one, I’m learning I swear.

pray for me.

get ready.

how crazy is it that after yeeeeears and yeeeeears of dealing with stress with money, assignments, prof’s, family, friendships and relationships I am finally graduating from university!

I got my grad tickets today and it really dawned on me… God has brought me through all the nonsense that I didn’t think I could have made it through. Even when I gave up He put me back on track and gave me the strength to carry it through. I am eternally grateful.